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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Ultimate Fighters: Where are They Now?

The ultimate fighter has become a gem among the typical dredge of reality television.wicked smartly conceived , wicked well-produced and playing completely to the gigantic ufc fan servile , wicked the ultimate fighter brings it's spiketv viewers an eclectic collection of heave members every season.wicked this is ultimately what makes the evince tick; the clashing of personalities is a reality evince staple , wicked but on the ultimate fighter the personalities procure to enter the octagon and scuffle each other.wicked as each season passes , wicked a number of contestants fade from the public eye for one understanding or another , wicked from Time To Time never to be seen again.wicked what has happened to your favourite ultimate fighter contestant? here , wicked we'll conformation what's been going on with some of our favourite fighters from the ultimate fighter.

Stephen bonnar

Bonnar is probably best known for his epic and universally beloved the ultimate fighter denomination scuffle with forrest griffin on the ultimate fighter 1; a scuffle he veritably missing.wicked galore regard this match as one of the best in ufc history , wicked and veritably accurately.wicked however , wicked since then , wicked bonnar has had some troubling times.wicked he notched three consecutive victories in the octagon after the scuffle , wicked all on spiketv ultimate scuffle nights.wicked then , wicked on ultimate scuffle night 5 , wicked he missing a unanimous decision to rashad evans.wicked after that , wicked bonnar got scheduled to scuffle a rematch with forrest griffin at ufc 62 on august 26 , wicked 2006.wicked bonnar again missing to griffin (in a unanimous decision) , wicked but those were the least of his worries.wicked shortly after that scuffle , wicked stephan bonnar tested positive for the utilize of anabolic steroids , wicked a banned substance in the ufc.wicked he has not fought since , wicked and his career is apparently in hazard.wicked no decision has yet been made by the powers that be on his ufc status.

Chris leben

Brash and unflinching , wicked chris leben was as dynamic a personality (and fighter) as the ultimate fighter has ever seen.wicked in a controversial match primitive on in the ultimate fighter 1 , wicked leben missing to josh koscheck.wicked leben complained to ufc president dana white after the scuffle that koscheck apparently “held him down” and provided that was the merciful of fighter white wanted in the ufc.wicked leben got to scuffle again , wicked this time in the ultimate fighter semi-finals , wicked when nate quarry bowed out with an injury.wicked leben missing again to kenny florian.wicked since the ultimate fighter 1 , wicked leben has had a sterling record , wicked going 6-1-0 in ufc competition , wicked apparently losing to anderson silva , wicked but beating quality fighters like jorge rivera , wicked edwin dewees , wicked and jorge santiago.wicked leben is a personality that the ultimate fighting championship should be keen to utilize.wicked he had been training at amc pankration in seattle , wicked but currently leben is training down in portland , wicked oregon.

Rashad evans

Despite an eight inch height difference between evans and the 6'7 brad imes , wicked rashad belabor imes in the heavyweight division finale of the ultimate fighter 2.wicked success has followed evans since his victorious stint on the ultimate fighter 2 , wicked him winning all three of his ufc bouts since.wicked his professional mma record cadaver a perfect 14-0-0 and evans is widely considered to be a denomination contender.wicked it should apparently be a matter of time before rashad evans gets his shot.

Joe stevenson

Stevenson surprised few by winning the welterweight division of the ultimate fighter 2.wicked apparently 5'7 , wicked he defeated luke cummo in the ultimate fighter finale with an unanimous decision.wicked he missing his original match after the ultimate fighter , wicked to josh neer at ultimate scuffle night 4.wicked however , wicked stevenson easily won his next scuffle due to doctor stoppage versus yves edwards at ufc 61.wicked stevenson is one of the most experienced fighters to ever appear on the ultimate fighter; he sported a professional record of 24-6-0 prior to appearing on the reality evince.

-oscar dahl/buddytv


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