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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cherry Blossom Favors

Cherry blossom favors are often chosen as wedding or bridal shower favor because of their beauty and their symbolism. Although the symbolism of the flowering tree differs for many cultures, it typically represents beauty (feminine beauty, particular) as well as the briefness and beauty of life.

It is also considered a good omen of fortune and love - how perfectly fitting for an occasion such as a wedding or bridal shower. And most cherry blossom favors are in the elegant and decidedly feminine colors of white, pinks and reds.

Popular favors include candles with a blossom design on them, cherry blossom cookies and glass coasters and wine glass lampshades that feature a delicate blossom and branch detail.

If you are on a tight budget and want to make your own favors you can always make a personalized label that has a cherry blossom design on it and affix it to pink, red or white paper favor bags. Then fill the bags with candy, a votive candle or something else small and affordable.

You can easily make your own delicious cookie favors by using your favorite sugar cookie recipe to make the cookies. No fancy cookie cutters needed - a simple round shaped cookie will work perfectly (or you could purchase a cookie cutter in a wedding cake shape). Frost them with a white royal frosting and sprinkle with white, pinks and red sprinkles . Then put each cookie in a cellophane bag (these can easily be purchased at craft stores) and tie with a matching curling ribbon.


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