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Monday, August 17, 2009

Female Fighters

EliteXC has officially announced that it will be closing its doors down. After two years of huge financial loses which totaled over fifty five million dollars.

EliteXC had become very popular of late with big name MMA fighters like Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano, who seem to be more celebrities than proven fighters. Unfortunately what lead to the downfall of this company wasn't their fighters but bad deals. One of these deals included their cable contract with Showtime which really did not provide the revenue needed to sustain the fighting league. Every time EliteXC was on a Showtime televised event they were losing huge amounts of money. The contract was one sided and they could not get out of it. The CBS television contract was more lucrative but still not enough to save them.

This leaves many fighters out of work including Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano. Some or most of these MMA fighters will be absorbed by other organizations such as industry leader the UFC. Don't expect to see Gina Carano and Kimbo Slice on UFC any time soon though. Dana White the president of the UFC had been clear in the past saying he would never allow Kimbo Slice to fight in the UFC. He feels Kimbo Slice lacks the technical MMA ability to fight with his seasoned fighters. He stated he is interested in showcasing MMA fighters and not street brawlers. The last Kimbo fight just makes his point of view a lot stronger, after a 15 second outing where Kimbo gets KO'd.

In regards to Gina Carano, the UFC and Dana White are not interested in promoting or featuring female fighters. White has had several opportunities to display female MMA fighters and has always passed. It still remains to be seen if Dana White will follow through with his statements, as a business decision Gina Carano does bring fans to the arenas and PPV events. Her sex appeal and decent fighting skills may turn out to be a combination that White cannot pass up on.

EliteXC brought us some exciting fights which included Baroni versus Frank Shamrock, and also displayed some great athletes and fighters that we may have never heard of like Kong. It also put alot of its chips in celebrity types like Kimbo, who was exposed and would be a fighter on a downward spiral in the future if put to a test with top fighters.

It was a great run for a couple of years and it is sad to see EliteXc fail, it was the only other organization truly rivaling the UFC


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