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Monday, July 27, 2009

SEO Tips - 5 Simple Keys on How to Sell Using SEO

There are so many SEO selling guidelines on the Internet. Sadly, most of these tips are only within the grasp of the professionals. In other words, those tips are absolutely useless for regular marketers like you. So, here are some guidelines which you can use, these are based largely on the present SEO trends and are suitable for all the internet marketers out there.

1. Sack all the things that you thought you already knew on the subject of SEO advertising. This is because everything is changing swiftly, and if you're not constantly updated with the current trend, you're most likely to be behind the times.

2. Get rid of outline metatags. The tags no longer have much power with search engines. Besides, all your that your rivals have to do is simply "view source" on their browser and they will accurately identify what keywords you're targeting.

3. Since the outline tags are just often ignored or no longer used, your web content's first paragraph is very important. These first few phrases in your web content are what the search engines index, and it's also the portion of your website that shows up in the search results.

4. Phrases and keywords are very important, but never overdo it. A keyword dissemination of around 3 to 5% is good enough to get noticed by search engines, and it will also make your topic human-friendly. Once you spam your phrases and keywords around your website, you can be banned by search engines.

5. Never post published articles in your site, you might have already submitted or published some of your contents in article directories, don't use them anymore. Don't ever reproduce any content or article from other sites, either. Search engines usually ignore duplicated contents.

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